Simple Cremation Package

  • Statement of Goods and Services

  • Price: $1,695.00

    Breakdown of Basic Services:

    Our Simple Cremation Package is designed for those who "just want to be cremated" with no frills. This basic package includes everything legally required for a direct cremation.

    • Basic services of licensed professional and staff
    • Transportation within our service area
    • Use of climate controlled holding facility
    • Cremation/Crematory Fee
    • Minimum alternative container

    *This package does not include an urn

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  • The Cost for MN Death Certificates is $13 for the first copy and $6 for each additional copy. Please choose a number you will need. We will mail the copies to you, it can take up to two weeks for the state to process the death record.
  • MN law requires the Medical Examiner in the county a person dies to Authorize the Cremation. The M.E. has a charge for this. Please select the county of Death and the charge will be added to your statement. Please check other if the county is not listed and we will add charge to your account later.

    By checking the button I acknowledge that per MN and Federal Laws I/we were offered for retention on the home page of this web site, a General Price List that contains the Alternative Container Price List and Urn Price List. Charges are only for those items that you selected or that are required. If we are required by law or by a cemetery or crematory to use any items, we will explain the reasons in writing below. MN Law Requires use of Alternative Container, MN Law Requires Medical Examiner Cremation Authorization.
    By electronically signing below and clicking above I acknowledge and agree to pay for the final services of the deceased, and I authorize Scott County Cremation to perform the requested services. I agree to pay the balance listed on this statement. Total charges are due the date of this agreement. I understand and agree that by signing below I am assuming personal liability for the charges set forth in this statement. Late fees will be charged if not paid on date of agreement. I herby agree to all above charges and acknowledge receipt provided by email or will be provided upon release of cremated remains.
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